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What Our Community Says

Chai with Moms has been a huge help for me. I had no idea about the college application process and how to approach or plan for it. I learnt so much after attending a chai. I am very thankful to the founders for this initiative that they have taken.

-San Jose Mom of high schooler from Branham

The information that I have received from the Chai with Moms mothers is more than what I have learned from my daughter’s college counselor. I used to spend so much time on the internet going through the vast amount of stuff available on the net. Now I have a platform where I post my question and get accurate information right away.

-Milpitas Mom of a high schooler from Milpitas High

We really needed something like this in our neighborhood (Mountain House). I moved here recently and I am not familiar either with the school system here or with other families. Because of Chai with Moms, I now know what to focus on wrt Math and languages in my son’s school. I have met many new friends as well. Thank you, Chai with Moms!

-Mountain House Mom of a middle schooler in Mountain House

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