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Connecting Women

Every woman deserves a chance to improve her world. A little bit of guidance offers them the opportunity to stay informed and create positive change for themselves and their children. With the support of our wonderful community, transformations are taking place every day.


Empowering Children

Thanks to our value-added workshops and unique personal project service, we are able to extend scholarships to children from a diverse range of backgrounds who are discovering new opportunities and forging new paths. We're moved by warm feedback from women whose children have benefited from this initiative and we know they are going too move mountains in the future.


Information, Access and Success

Our weekend workshops for mothers and children are often considered to be the most beneficial service we provide. Ranging from topics on how to write college app essays and creating college lists to planning course curriculum and passion project development, these workshops enable moms and their kids to WORK SMART in their path towards fulfilling their educational and personal growth goals. 

Unique Personal Project

Discover your unique strength

In this paid program, we help your child discover and uncover their unique personal strength. It is something they are passionate about and love being engaged in. A unique personal project is an individualized or independent project that allow our children to pursue their own areas of interest. In a personal project, students have an opportunity to dive into a specific skill, topic, or medium. There are endless choices for students to get involved and share their passion with the world!

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