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Chai hosts:

We are looking for Moms to host chais in their homes. Please contact us at if you would like to host a chai. We bring snacks and chai – all you need to do is open up your living room for your neighborhood moms to sit and discuss topics of interest for all of us. Usually our chais are on weekend afternoons or on weekday evenings (post dinner) – at a time when it is convenient for moms to step out of their weekend or weekday responsibilities and family time commitments.

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Satellite Moms:

Satellite moms are moms who have volunteered to be the coordinators of their neighborhood mom groups. These are moms who suggest workshop topics that are of burning interest in their neighborhood, scout for event venues (library, community center, etc) for CWM moms to meet or do workshops. Satellite moms also create specific interest groups of moms and kids. For example, math Olympiad group from their local high school or a group of school kids from their neighborhood to come together and do volunteer work at the local senior center, etc.


At Chai with Moms, we empower mothers and their middle and high school children's educational journey. Our platform is designed to connect, support, and build a community of mothers who are committed to building a secure future for their children.


Chai with Moms mothers  are dedicated to providing a secure, safe and empathetic environment for mothers to exchange information and extend a hand for support to each other, whenever possible.

Join Us

We are passionate about empowering mothers and believe that sharing information is the only way to help each other. We also share a common interest  and goal - No Mom Left Behind! Let’s join hands to enable, empower and elevate each other.

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